OM# Documentation

Importing patches from OpenMusic

Importing OpenMusic patches in OM# is relatively straightforward. The “Open” command in the “File” menu proposes the “OM6” file format amongst the different supported file types.

The “Open Folder” menu also allows opening a whole set of patches or OM#/OpenMsic documents at the same time, regardless of their types.

OpenMusic patches (.omp), maquettes (.omm) or Lisp functions (.oml) are automatically converted into OM# equivalent document and registered in the document manager, where they display as new, un-saved documents.

They can be saved to the disk as new OM# (.opat, .omaq, .olsp) files, using the standard “Save” command Ctrl/⌘+s, or using the “Save selection” button in the “Documents” tab of the Session window.